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  • Customers like
    • War commander 8
    • Battle pirates 5
    • War commander cause got friends 5
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    • That they took all fun out it 5
    • There attitude 5
    • Want three years of my life back 5
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hi kixeye gave my wc back after they banned me cos my fb was hacket and when they gave it back i was getting error 2033 so they banned me when they gave it back i was still getting the error they banned me from suport so i carnt send a ticket in i have 8 coin im my account which i canrt use so now i carnt play there game this as been going on now for 4 months so im now so far behand all other players at my lvl Your User ID is: 1685479 Your... Read more

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this company kixeye who run war commander battle pirates and a few other games demand money or no help for players,,50 dollars,then still ignore most even if have paid,they blatantly allow cheats and hackers to do what they want but ban other players for less if they not spending cash in thier free social media game,s on face book,,,customer service is non exsistant ,if they do bother to reply more often than not it,s in sarcastic unprofessional... Read more

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i am playing a KIXEYE MMO Fighting game online, called BATTLE PIRATES, on the Facebook page, and they are actually being very unprofessional, tampering with our gameplay to get more coins out of us and even going so far as to interfere with our base hitting and fleet verses fleet abilities and refusing to give us our refunds when we send in our request tickets to them....thosands have quit the game and have threatened to sue Kixeye for FRAUD,... Read more

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Kixeye - Photo evidence of fellow players cheating for their own gain
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here is 2 photos of whats been done to me over at least 6-7 days,really unfair,i play the game fair but these others used me to gain xp and steal all my other resources as well as not letting me advance i retribution event,these cheat found an easy way of moving up the list to receiving item because of their way of cheating,i would like to be reimbursed as they have almost depleted my resouces so much i cannot fix anything,still to this minute... Read more

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i've been playing war commander for 4 years without any hassles till the retribution event which i only got to play for a day,my name is john and my sector is 159 and coordinates 114.320,i was doing a mission which i had to have 10 depos at once,i was then accused of stealing them and next thing i know im trapped in my base and attacked time after time with my base surrounded so i could'nt even get out,this prevented me from taking any further... Read more

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there is a group on facebook called let's boycott kixeye because people are pissed off please check it out for anyone who plays BATTLE PIRATES I have started this group because a lot of people are really pissed of with the way kixeye are treating their players so i am trying to get a group running to boycott battle pirates for 1 month starting the day before the raid that means no raiding no weekly no game play still chat if you want upto you... Read more

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I've been telling people for years that games such as Battle Pirates aren't really games. They are cleverly devised psychological traps designed to prey upon the human weakness for instant ego gratification. That's why the deeper you get into the game the longer it takes to accomplish anything and the more likely you'll run out of patience and spend money. That, coupled with an "arms race" between competitors, results in people feeling compelled... Read more

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Kixeye - Manofwar
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i payed for this boat stayed up all night to get it and now i am being told thisKade Hello Michael, Correct, you can't buy the hull after getting one shard for any shard only blueprint. That was a graphical issue that was sorted out. I will be unable to credit you for that graphical issue, as the hull will not be credited out to everyone. You are welcome to ask for a refund from your bank if you haven't spent the gold you purchased. If you spent... Read more

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I have had my account banned, I have NEVER cheated, Hacked or used any exploits whatsoever i have sent in 4 tickets, the first ticket they said it was a permanent ban with no appeals. They are now ignoring my tickets and it says "answered" as soon as i send it in. this is the first time i have played a Kixeye game, never again!! for a company to just ban a innocent paying customer without first investigating is ridiculous! and to ignore their... Read more

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kixeye, please take a look at my friends account on WarComander. His id is 1003385, we are both experiencing the defeated sign when beginning a defense mission on the event Isolation. It is causing a real annoyance when trying to participate in the event. Due to the fact we struggle to earn the experience points from not being able to defend. Our attack missions however are going just fine. If you could please take a look at the matter, and get... Read more

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