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I am one of the many players banned in the recent wave of bans by Kixeye in War Commander.The bans seem to be targeting mainly high level accounts.

Why high level accounts? Because once most of their weapons are upgraded to the maximum allowed, they no longer need to pay in facebook credits to speed up the process. Kixeye demands players witha problem to contact them through their support system by sending them a ticket. However, there is only one automated response that claims there was firm evidence that the player was a cheat, without giving any detail as to what the cheat consisted of.

If you ask again, you get the same response regardless of the different questions being asked. They say that they will not divulge their investigation process for security reasons, however, what I am asking for is what I am accused of, not how they found out whatever it is they claim they did. Many players are now boycotting the game. I spoke on their forums and mentioned the boycott, and also posted pictures of the sectors in which people had gathered their platoons in the middle of the map and stopped playing.

They deleted the posts, and banned me from their forums claiming that I threatened them with a boycott. I mentioned the boycott, I did not threaten.

There is a difference.Considering everything, their unreasonable and unfair bans, their lack of respect for their consumers, their failure to respond to their consumers' concerns and complains, their continued arrogance and censorship, and persistent refusal to engage in any dialogue whatsoever, I can only conclude that Kixeye is a scam designed to relieve people of their money.

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205 of 214 Kixeye Reviews
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Mar 27 Matawan, New Jersey

It's much easier on your psychological well being to get into a game that is not pay to win. Once you spend some time and money you get trapped in the game because you don't want to give up what you have already invested. It's a drain on your time and money for no better benefit than playing a non pay to win game.

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Mar 14

LOL ! So *** to complain about something soooo trivial!

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Feb 27 Lule, Norrbotten

Igot the same *** answer from kixeye (my id in warcommander 24365495) that i got "we got proof of cheating" bla bla bla but i dont got to see proof... this is sooooo weak from them //Nils

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Jan 08 Riyadh, Ar Riyad

cn you review my account coz im banned but my base is still allive user id is 1363973..i have also to much buying gold ......plssss response

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Dec 16, 2014 Mountain View, California

B.S. on the cheat *** excuse. Its not just war commander. Ive been seeing this same pattern on MANY online games. Also with the high level accounts all the account user info will be reset and the account will be sold on an unknown third party site at a very nice price. Of course by someone with no connection to the game developers. If you spent actual money for any credits and you know you never used a cheat *** get hold of your card company and dont let up until a charge back is issued. This mess is becoming all too frequent within the gaming community.

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Dec 02, 2014

please unbanned me i apolozise id:32313252

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Nov 18, 2014 Boston, Massachusetts

they don't have to tell you what they found just that you were found to have been cheating.
I got banned from a game because come to find out my brother had used a maphack that stayed in memory but I couldn't see. so when I logged into my account I got hit with a ban hammer. I asked very politely if they could tell me why I was banned. which they told me it was found that I had a 3rd party program that was against the TOU and that my ban would be 30 days. when I replied that I never used one but asked for helping in finding it, I actually got a nice response, I only assume because I had been a user of their game for 8+ years and never had 1 incident before. anyways, the CS rep told me I should run anti virus software, which I already had and check my running processes, especially if this was a commonly used computer , which at the time it was, come to find out the maphack was running in the background which I found through ctrl+alt+del. killed the process and emailed the CS rep to thank them for their help and was looking forward to getting back to the game. even though I wasn't the one at fault, since it was my PC that was used I took responsibility for what happened on it. now NO ONE gets on my pc , not even my folks. now if something else happens I have no one to blame but myself.
now with that long winded response typed, I suggest that you & the numerous other people getting banned by kixeye STOP playing their games and blaming them for YOU being banned.
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Oct 16, 2014

You guys are complaining about a video game. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

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Nov 04, 2014 Penn Yan, New York

They are not complaining about a video game. They are complaining of unfair, unsound, and dishonest business practices after they have spent money to have something. Get a clue, loser.

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Sep 14, 2014

i also have the same issue they reckless answer to me also

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Sep 08, 2014


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Sep 04, 2014

I just had the same issue with them.

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Sep 03, 2014

I think kixeye should be banned foe cheating.

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Bong Salazar

Aug 26, 2014

I too had the same experience! I was accused and banned of cheating with out explaining how they investigate the said accusation, nevertheless I did send another complaint and they sent me the same answer. It's totally nonsense banning the player just because I did used another IP address. It's not impossible why consumers came to this decision of boycotting the game.

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Aug 26, 2014 Rawalpindi, Islamabad

hi kixeye iam not cheater and you suspend my lvl 36 ilove my lvl and this game war commander i need with my life
please help me :cry

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Aug 19, 2014

I have had my account banned,
only been playing a few months, level 32
but have spent 100's of hours playing
I've made 13 separate gold coin purchases
I have NEVER cheated, Hacked or used any exploits whatsoever
i have sent in 4 tickets, the first ticket they said it was a permanent ban with no appeals. They are now ignoring my tickets and it says "answered" as soon as i send it in. this is the first time i have played a Kixeye game, never again!! for a company to just ban a innocent paying customer without first investigating is ridiculous! and to ignore their appeals is mind boggling Kixeye are thieves and an unethical company!!

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Jul 17, 2014

Its sad that cheaters will proclaim to the world how innocent they are. I believe the problem is all these people don't realise just how much they are actually hurting real live people. What happens to company's when their lively-hood quit the game because cheaters have been permitted to play rampantly?
When you cheat, you hurt other players. Other players who support Kixeye and spend real money with the company, ensuring it thrives. But when you cheat, you hurt them, and some if not most then leave the game. You just cost the company money.
So no, cheating is not harmless, you are costing the company a lot of money. The right thing to do would be to admit what you did was wrong, and move on. Maybe if you are honest, and admit to what you did, and say you learned your lesson, maybe just maybe then they might reverse their ban. But by denying the truth, you are just continuing to cause them problems. And that's not right. They provided you with a free game, and you spit in their face, ran off their legitimate customers and then continue to attack them.

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Jul 19, 2014 Centreville, Virginia

It's odd that you immediately jump to this conclusion, when so many are aware that cheaters who are actively coining remain in play, while players who are not cheating get banned. It is actually you, who should be ashamed, as the company is costing themselves, and everyone else, money. And when they invoke processes that are shady, unexplained, and unprovable, or undefendable, then it is they who are the thieves, not the honest player being penalized.
Of course, you're posting anonymously, so that says a whole lot about you, now doesn't it?

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Oct 01, 2014 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

hello first. Kixeye canceled accounts fairly ?. ask because I was a victim of cheaters in the sector 57 almost 3 years ago now and I tired to send reports by a cheater clan who had locked my base completely and bases of my friends too. spent a week locked inside our bases because it was never suspended hellstorm Kixeye event and those players. that's when I started to use the traps there too and if you cancel Kixeye me. is that fair ?
then from that moment until today will not leave alone because in my Kixeye Kixeye reasoning acted at their convenience because those players they placed money in their accounts .
this is not cheating. This is the farce of Kixeye to fill their pockets.

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