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Kixeye War Commander Review
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Kixeye banned my account for no reason i have spend a lot of my money yet they banned me so please kixeye i really need my account ASAP please thank you Game name : H-A-H-A Level : 40 Sector : 1 My ID 31584883 I send few screen shot prove i spend a lot of money so please kixeye unbanned my account please 8183196072 Read more

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My name is John H can I play War Commander I have filed numerous complaints to kixeye regarding having to have my computer repaired because of the *** game that has been done paying for things that have been promised and not gotten and they have refused to respond to my requests or to correct any situations regarding money transactions regarding buying gold and then taking the gold without giving the product that was promised paying with gold... Read more

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10/30/2016 11;39AM I was beginning to SPEND MONEY into your Battle Pirates game, but since a beginner investor is NOT appreciated, TREATED UNJUST because I AM BLACK AND ( A WOMAN ) ---- then I will no longer invest in your Battle Pirate Facebook game. I spend money to support your game and you take away my hull that I won in your campaign, smh. Thanks for dehumanizing me.... :( (NOTE: Photos have been taken of this complaint and of my redeem... Read more

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just before september raid i was having an issue with retrofit lab timer adding time by just over 4 hours therefore if i was to coin it would cost me an extra 8 gold. i sent screenshots of this showing the countdown timer changing. kixeyes reply was, your timers are wrong please send screen shots showing time and date in them so i did. kixeye's reply was, the timers are still wrong please send video evidence of issue. this i did, 2 videos 1... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 20
  • #922155

Horrible gaming environment. Game lags, crashes, no support. They nerf units when players figure out their schemes.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 13
  • #917871

Equipment does not repair overnight as it should. Screens are freezing way to often

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I am now getting a notice from Firefox about an Expired Security Certificate. This Certificate expired on the 2nd of September, so I am unable to log into the game w/o first telling Mozella to ignore the issue. This means that once I do that I am now logging into an unsecured site! I'm sure that this is not something that they don't know exists. Why they haven't corrected it is beyond me. I have tried Steam but eventually ran into problems with... Read more

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You spend money to finally get the prize you are working so hard for..... and then when you go to apply your "token" towards the purchase of the ship there is a glitch screen that appears. OH NO! ... but wait, there is a customer service ticket as a recourse. So you send in a ticket, and wait and wait for a response.... and then they ask you for a picture of the item just before they fouled it up. So, I guess that you must take a screenshot of... Read more

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hi I'm sharmaine zervoulakos could you please deactivate my account in war commander. My dad always using my facebook account for playing war commander and I don't like the idea of it because I don't have privacy at all. He was very addicted to it and he cheat in his account and got ban, now he is using mine. this is my user ID : 18602526, and he still using cheats in my account and spent alot of money too and I don't like what his doing in my... Read more

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I as well have spent thousands of dollars on this game just to keep having to upgrade more and more after they tell us they will be no more. I could not even do the event the last do to their glitches. they sent me 100 gold where as if I could had gotten in the event could had won what I need it. now it would cost me a 1000 dollards to get what I need. they have become scammers for sure. I have been playing for over 5 years and have made many... Read more

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