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A warningto all people who spend money or are thinking of spending money at Kixeye. (Battle Pirates) (Backyard Monsters) (War Commander) (Desktop Defender)

Recently i had a disagreement with a moderator here in the forums. I was scolded for voicing my opinions on some update releases and

for giving members the actual truth about these updates for the Battle Pirates game.

For this my accounts (game accounts and forum account) was banned. I emailed support to ask why and they said i had threatened a moderator (ridiculous) and my account was banned for 24 hours.

So i waited out the 24 hrs... Ban was not lifted.

So i waited for a week... Ban was not lifted.

So i waited a month... Ban was not lifted.

So i email support again to ask whats going on with my account. Only to have my ticket dealt with by the same moderator i had (supposedly) threatened. (never happened)

They told me the ban was permanent and will never be lifted.

I have spent well over $200 on this game and BYM and spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of clicks to get high level and now both accounts have been banned permanently.

As you may gather this *** me off to no end. So here i am warning others that if you invest your money and time in this Nazi fascist company you best lick there feet and march to there drum also.

Never voice your opinion unless it falls inline with Kixeye's own opinions or your account is at risk.

At the end of the day i don't want any part of this company after being treated like this but id like to warn others that there money and account is at risk because of a few Nazi moderators

who over use there power to shut people up when they don't like what there saying.

As it stands now, i have moved to much better game developer where i am free to voice my opinions and are not threatened with a ban every time i say something they disagree with or don't like.

So to all you paying members who support this developer think twice before spending any money or time and don't at all post anything that might upset the Nazi Bastards or your account will be history.

Hundreds spent, thousands spent, Kixeye dont give a *** !!!

Update: 11 days ago I received a message from a Kixeye moderator saying if i stop posting this they would look into my account for me. I was told it would take maybe 2 days to sort it out. I agreed and done as was asked of me yet again.

That was 10 days ago.

I kinda figured from the start it was Just Kixeye giving me the run around and getting amusement watching me jump through there hoops again, but I waited patiently anyway.

After 10 days i messaged the mod again to say this was *** and I want it sorted out. I was told "Sorry for the delay. I'm asking about this again right now" .

That was 4 days ago.

Now while I agree that it is currently the weekend and i probably would not get support on a weekend I would expect Kixeye to honor what they say and not give there paying customers the run around.

11 Days ago Kixeye gave me promise to look into my account for me in return for me not posting these messages. They have reneged on there agreement and not done as they said they would ( no surprise)

Today I promise something to Kixeye. Un ban both my accounts and give me access to the game or return my money or I will continue posting these messages to every gaming forum I can find (even ones i cant find Including yep you guessed it, Kixeye forums.

Time to ACTUALLY do something Kixeye, not just talk about it.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Kixeye Account.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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250.00 invested hahahahah hahaha HAHAHAHAH

roll on with your life dude, I have over 65,000.00 invested....cannot believe someone whining over 250.00 on here....just waiting on them to ban me unjustly, or for a class action to get some $ back, until then, I farm people like you.....

to hahahaha #1596442

u wrong mate, stop replying to this guy like a clown baby girl 4 years old


This kixeye company is such a joke.. all they care is money and when the cow *** dry then gona leave the game and start another random *** to keep the flowing .. So really dont waste real money on this company games because you all gona regret, true story.

to Anonymous #1596444

i havnt spent a dime on those guys ever, like 6 years, true story, keep away from kixeye, everybody, they sux hard, dont ever play there games

Denton, Texas, United States #969138

This is the worst game i've played. Takes forever to level up/do repairs, rogue bases are so over powered compared to what is available to attack them with.

I'm at level 25 at the moment, attacked by level 30 and can't attack back as his LEVEL TO HIGH. What a crock , i can be attacked but can't attack them back. Glad it happened before I wasted any money on the TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.

Going back to WOT...1000% better then this waste of time. THE post was removed within 25 min

to Shadow #1291713

5 levels is jack chit, quit whining and build your chit man.....naw, scratch that, if your gonna whine, this game isn't for you....Farmville is down the hall to the left....

to hahahaha #1596445

kixeye suxs hard why u still playing their game like a 4 year old girl



Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands #939983

ID is:32450073 evr for game

to maria #998379

why u post ur user id?


ID is: 12836013 200 evr for game .


Your User ID is: 12836013

Oerlinghausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #900391

20820418 banend 6000 eur for game kix gib me my many im never send now namy for dis company dis talk me im cheter hahahahaha is ok im will see who im cheat sned me screms why im see im cheat dis no send no cheat banend guys and wait dis play now and send now many


I could tell Kixeye was taking their games in a direction I hated, especially War Commander (the last Kixeye game I played before quitting). So, I have decided to reinvent this game my own way as War Commander: Evolved - What War Commander should have been.

Penn Yan, New York, United States #895399

Those people are so full of ***. They have more *** than Carter has liver pills.

Tell them that the prove is in the doing, not the false promises, circles, and run-a rounds they are stringing you along with.

And now they want to reach out, and censor you in other forums, on other websites? Puh-leaze!

Kixeye, stop being sleazy, and disingenuous, and restore the account!


Banned for 2 comments on kixeye forums asking about Facebook sync bug and 1 comment on CEO profile. None of my comments were offensive.


514725 me to baned. i am cheat.cheater report me

Hyderabad, Telangana, India #871429

Your User ID is: 8060226

plizz *** me

Arbil, Erbil, Iraq #864565

hi why i am banned in war commander plizz give me

my id is [5799939]


I have had my account banned,

only been playing a few months, level 32

but have spent 100's of hours playing

I've made 13 separate gold coin purchases

I have NEVER cheated, Hacked or used any exploits whatsoever

i have sent in 4 tickets, the first ticket they said it was a permanent ban with no appeals They are now ignoring my tickets and it says "answered" as soon as i send it in. this is the first time i have played a Kixeye game, never again!!

it has turned me off playing Facebook games all together! for a company to just ban a innocent paying customer without first investigating is ridiculous!

and to ignore their appeals is mind boggling. KIXEYE ARE THIEVES AND AN UNETHICAL COMPANY!!!

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