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I have been discriminated against by kixeye employees kaylee, logan, drake. At directly employees taffy and josh porter.

For almost 4 months i have had kaylee merging tickets instead of fixing the omega fighter company unit in the workshop as i asked.

Logan told me he went into my acccount and did something (which was strange as logan is just customer service amd NOT GOOD CUSTER SERVICE), since then my unit has not done what everyone elses does.

The unit that i have dies immediately and i can go to youtube and see how everyone else's unit is doing exactly what it should, while mine has been stripped of everything by someone at kixeye. Lastly i have a stlalker on warcommander and someone at kixeye removed the block feature and refuse to block the player whom is cyberstalking me because he is lame enough to spend $1000 a month on a down trodden game.

User's recommendation: Do not download any of kixeyes content.

Preferred solution: The omega fighter company i played for set back to the stats i had it at before someone at kixeye disassembled it and refuses to fix it..

Kixeye Cons: Are horrible at customer service.

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