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Between IMVU and then Facebook, I have been playing BYM for about 3 years now. I have enjoyed attacking and being attacked.

After all that is what the game is about. But recently I moved into the latest world, took me a bit to adjust to it, but was getting the hang of it. Next thing I know I am surrounded by a GANG (sorry that is the only thing that describes them) there are over 5 of them calling themselves "Brazil Warriors". I was contacted by one of them asking me if I was from Brazil, I replied no That I'm from the US that is all they needed they started attacking me taking all outpost then attacked main yard..I have no idea how they were able to do the last due to the fact I am level 42 and they are 52 and higher.

If you look under any definition of Racism or discrimination this falls under both. They started attacking me in the game because I was not from Brazil. They brought real life discrimination and racism into a social game. I have spent money on the game over the last three years, I would say about 400.

I was very disappointed in my reply from Kixeye telling me that the object of game is one on one battles and so were not getting involved and that I should try to get alliances to help me..there is no one! the Brazil Warriors have taken over every outpost around me there is no one around but them. You tell me how what they did falls under one on one battle it is a it is a group of one race attacking individuals of a different race. If they had attacked me because I was in there way or something like that then fine no problem..but for them to attack because I am an American and not Brazilian the yes I have a biggggggg problem with it!!

Also the game seems to be set up for higher level players. I entered the new world took over a couple outposts that were not claimed then higher levels are able to come in and take it all away. and there is no way I can get them back. .

If you are lower level there is no way to succeed at game. I know that unless something is done against this gang and their real life racist behavior,I will no longer spend money on or play BYM.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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