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Hello. My name is Perry Stevenson. I've had an account with you in war comander for 7yrs. The account number is 4328740. The account has been hacked numerous times over the last 2 weeks. I've sent tickets to support. the first 2 tickets were 4300990 and 4300919. The result was kixeye banned the account. However the hacker somehow got the account unbanned. I've sent 4 more tickets numbers 4303791, 4303940, 4304834, and 4305161. No result has occured. I originally wanted to apply an brand neew email account to my 4328740 account but upon recieving private messages from the hacker I think the best thing to do is permanently ban the account. I love playing war comander and will miss it very much but I feel this is the only solution available to me. In one of the tickets i included a copy of my picture id as proof of who I am in an attachment. I have also written and sent a letter to your company today (11/16/2018 with a photo-copy of my id. I am attaching a copy of the private messages sent from the hacker to my alternate account. Also a screen shot of the messages in global between me and the hacker, Please help me. I can't seem to upload the document...i will post it here.......

ああ、あなたはお尻を試してみることができます。あなたはこのアカウントを元に戻すことはできません。そして、あなたがこのアカウントを元に戻すときには、何とかそれを管理すれば...あなた0人の友人が残っています.....this is the hacker

u mother fucker...are u too scared to talk English…(this is me)

god damm *** hacker

if i ever see ur dumb *** i will break every bone in ur body (this is me)



me,s you want your account backs?...(hacker)

PW: SKCit2014*19..hacker

Enjoy your accounts..(hacker)

me haddd too muchhhs fun..(hacker)

don't let me hacks your accounts agin…Hacker)

or next times i'll fks it up 100%%%%%..hacker

あなたはこのアカウントを持つことができると思いますか? 決して、そして、ああ、私は切符を閉じた..(hacker)

あなたはあなたがアカウントで行ったクレジットカードの購入を含め、私が必要とするすべての情報を持っているので、あなたはあなたがそのアカウントの所有者であるという証拠を持っていないので、あなたはできません。 私はこのアカウントを完全にコントロールしています。 あなたの居場所、デビットバンキング情報、あなたのクレジットカード、あなたの州の身分証明書、社会保障カードなど、 あなたはこれを元に戻そうとしている…Hacker

私は最後の2年間あなたを見ていたが、私は待って疲れていたので行動を起こした... btw、あなたは私が誰かに尋ねる...私のゲーム名はXXXで、私の家のセクターはNUFタグで137です。 私はあなたにこのような低い勘定であなたを敗北させて私を攻撃しようとしていることをあなたに伝えています。..hacker


もしかすると警察に電話してください。でも、私が日本人のときは誰ですか? 私は1つの州から別の場所に私の場所をカバーするために私の場所を見つけることができないように、VPNを使用します。 私はあなたが回復するのを援助したいと思うし、この口座が禁止されれば、私はあなたがあきらめるまで何度も禁止されます。..hacker

まあ、私は今あなたをfkします。 フェニックスアリーナで私を見に来て..hacker

Hello. My Name is Cassie. I am Soooo Sorry. My son Zack Has Hacked you. Please Forgive Him as he is only 14 Years Old. I Had seen this when I was cleaning out our family computer. I Have found the password to your account and will give it to you. When Zack get's back from School. He will be lossing his phone and computer access for a couple of months

his document that he saved has this on there and i'm pretty sure it belongs to this facebook account..(HACKER)

does he speak Japanese…me


he uses a translator(HACKER)

did u see what bhe wrote me…(me)

we live in Phoenix, Arizona. and no, i have no clue since i'm not technical on these things..(HACKER)

he said he has all my personal banking info...ss number..address..(ME)

i will check the computer later. and if he does, i will have a it person factory reset it...(HACKER)

i have been dealing with this for 2 weeks…me

every day he havks into it..(me)

i'm soo sorry, i don't get on a machine computer since i'm not savvy at this stuff..(HACKER)

well, that will stop since i have taken the computer away..(HACKER)

he has threatened to come to my home...i have sick gf and grandfather…(me)

i'm again sorry. if i find that information of yours, i will have a police officer come and talk to him..(HACKER)

anyway, here is the password that i think is it SKCit20142014** i'm gonna log out and let you have your account back sir...(hacker)


Hello. I wanted to let you know that my son is on this account to apologize...(hacker)

hello sir, i'm sorry that i have hacked you several times. my mother has caught me and after investigating my computer, she has seen all of your info. she called a popo to come and talk with me and told me that hacking is a crime and i can go to prizon for it. i don't want to go to prizon. please forgive me sir. i have turned off 2 factory authentications... and the password to this facebook is SKCit20142014**. my mom is removing my computer from me for 2 months for illegal activaticy. good bye and i hope you enjoy your account back...(hacker)

unfortunately you changed the account info...i can not log in at all......i would need all the acct information…(me)

really dude...u took the account again....dude..u won....i quit the gaame...i permamently banned perrdog....even i cant get it back...i did that because i told u if i cvant have my account no one will.....dude u won...just leave me alone and give me my gmail account back…(me)

oh, did Zack Not Tell You?..hacker

I'm Zack's Friend. After he hacked you, he gave me the login info….hacker

you see... let me just say this once., there are a few rules you are going to have to follow to get this account back. yes, rules... 1. To Announce that you and your Clan is and will no longer be allied to TP, but AAF. and 2, if you want your account back... you will realize that us hackers have 100% control over not only this account, but several of your clans.. personally.. i have access to tricia's facebook account. you have seen what us old hackers can do. we are a mix of black hat, grey hat, and red hat hackers... about 30 of us.. if the 2 things are done within the 1st week... this account will be given back to you. Let's say you denouce TP and join AAF after this week, you will be sorry... 1. you will lose this account again and 2... your team mates will see the same fate as you. you were a leader of a clan and that's why you are targeted first. But, i tell you this now, tricia and your account's ... along with 5 other accounts will see the same fate as your account right now.... it's pointless resetting and securing your passwords and such, as you have seen first hand... we can bypass your passwords and 2-hand authentication methods such as your phone...hacker

join TP after this week* hacker

Please help me

Reason of review: I've played this game for 7 yrs and now i have lost 7 yrs of my life. I am homebound so i dont get out..this was my only way to talk to friends i have made in the game..

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: I would really preferr to get my war commander account back..if not then permanently ban the account 4328740.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Nov 16.
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