Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais

am Brazilian , 32 years old, father of a family , playing War Commander for over 3 ½ years , and when I least expect'm banned, and still claim to have used hacker program.I find this absurd and disrespectful , especially considering all the money I spent with coins .

I demand that you prove to me that Kixeye cheat in the game , because you can not simply prohibit a person simply claims that players are losing a war . Bad losers open thousands of complaints a day to take down enemies in the game and Kixeye have to have the feeling that this happens daily. I'll be entering in federal court in Brazil against Kixeye and against Facebook , asking for my money returned to indexation and will file a lawsuit in the U.S. against Kixeye Court of Appeals of California .

Now you will learn to respect the Brazilians to play and spend money on the game . Spent over $ 3,000.00 , a larger amount than the purchase of a PS3 or Xbox iphone 5 s with this game , and I'll fold return, it will damage morale and material. My account was level 42 , and I will not pass this disrespect and humiliation not blank .

Give yourself time before the next event I have my account if I do not return after get justice , I will no longer want the account , I want the money that is what you do with us.One the lines of the process you will include me forbid I start the game from scratch with a new account and move all over again , I already talked to my lawyer , and this is one of the arguments....


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get lost ***, maybe u cheated cause that guy has proof of all purchase.


Terms of service is invalid if conflicts with real law.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #806703

lol good luck in your lawsuit. if you read their terms of service they can ban you at any time for any or NO reason at all.

there's nothing you'll get out of this except more screwed.

but perhaps you could do yourself a huge favor and get some spelling lessons. my head hurts like *** having to read through your insanely bad spelling.

so just choke it up and admit you cheated you got caught, end of story.

First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #806513

I think you should file a lawsuit as you claim because a lot of these companies think that mostly teens play these games and won't do anything when banned unfairly, even if they spend lots of money. Same things happened to paying neopets members and gaiaonline members, the mod got banned on gaia and now is a regular member. If you paid money, and prove you followed their terms and conditions they can give you a refund and give back the account.

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