i am soo sad my email address is ibby.123@hotmail.co.uk and i was playing war commander one day and i am a level 29 in it i was playing normally and my mmate said to me "help me in war commander get me a large deposit in war commander" so i said ok bro and it said reconnect so i did so and i keep on telling kixeye this but theynever listen so please help me and pleaase un suspend m in war commander youre they only chance i have got left to play and i have never cheated in my life so please help me

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India #767717

You have been banned for cheating

what is this iam no cheater

ID (20890606)

Al Khubar, Ash Sharqiyah Province, Saudi Arabia #689226

It is said to have compelling evidence that he engaged with you use gold and I want to now either return my account or their lost gold in the account with confirm what lost from years developments have been to suspend my account without any right not reply to because the company is unable to refer the accounts outstanding whyis it a game or prison

ID (4632705)

7 Months suspended that's enough to make you weak :(

Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq #686844

plz unband me

to ronaldo Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq #686850

plz addmin unband me iam not cheatr plz addmin unband me (9223179) plz

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #599625

hi everyone

you can't unbanned when your account in WC was suspended and you never play that account again!

that what you pay for cheating or hacker!

my account was suspended too and i know why because i need to *** gold in WC and that unluck so that why i have banned account hahahahahha :grin

Sampaloc, Rizal, Philippines #599237

10004725 my id im banned please unbanned me

Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan #596303

10763351 my ID i m banned please unbanned me

Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia #591837

I am suspended in war commander a game on facebook so please help and un suspend please

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