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Let me start by saying how disappointing I am with Kixeye ( and Facebook. Around a week ago I logged into Facebook to find I was missing 550 Facebook credits. After a bit of searching I found it had says I purchased something using the application Battle Pirates. I don't even use the *** thing :(

I contacted Kixeye who turns out to be a game website and they inform me that yes i had used the FB credits to buy some in game ship and I would be able to receive a refund.

They suggested I ask my kids, That is very *** considering I have no kids and I live alone.

I contact Facebook again to report this site as thieves and fraudsters but they too don't care . Seems Kixeye and Facebook have a nice little scam going on.

With Millions of Facebook users I wonder how much these companies are making ripping people off.

To one and all I say be VERY wary of Kixeye and always keep track of your Facebook credits. After all they're real money.

I have submitted also complaint to the consumer affairs and the online fraud squad.

I hope they are more help.

Julie Clements.

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Kixeye are *** *** thief, we will peruse to sue them in court house.

California, United States #904710

Also, angry myself... i played a game for about 2 weeks spent over $100 dollars and now it keeps crashing...

they suck!

They take all the money and dont care and ban accounts lets get rid of them !!! Theives!!


i was playing war commander and thought game was glitching when all missiles started to unlock and then got banned last week and yesterday my son account did the same and i hurry up and sent a ticket in and it got banned to its like look at the bases that are way hooked up at lvl 25 and tell me im cheating kixeye are jokes

Detroit, Michigan, United States #835083

i just got a banned from kixeye for cheating .... so they say i dont know how to cheat or what to do i spent over $200 in the past few years on this game and they are not listening to me or giving me my account back

Sunshine, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #709073

ppl spend real money on f/b games,,,, suckers.


heres a link to more folks they are ripping off in the game...

to KRULL Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States #1267442

ya ever tried calling these criminals, i just did ,and they say all messages are automatically deleted, i have spent thousands over 5 years, kixeye are criminals ,and should be in prison

Vevay, Indiana, United States #608171

I've had the same issue with the game. For almost a month everytime I logged in I was missing credits when I contacted them with dates and amounts they claim that I was doing "instant repairs" I don't do instant repairs because my largest fleet only takes a couple of hours to repair so I set it to repair and do something else for the time.

Why would I do instant repair and log off instead of still playing the game? Long story short you most likely will never get your credits back, I've yet to find one person who has. I even told them during my complaint that I am not the only one that I know of who has complained about this and everybody can't be wrong. Their response was "yes they are wrong".

What a wonderful company steal our hard earned money then call us the liars when we call foul. :(


this game took the money off my actual cc for a upgrade i did not purchase and when i contacted them in a calm way they refused so there about 2 get a very rude phone call and if they dont cooperate they well see my loyer :(

to james Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #707279

I call *** on this one.. LOL you cant spell and u can use a cc for upgrade unless u buy the coins using credit card.. wow!


google a ric bot net and take there site down intell they repay you... 8)


Dru Hughes get for real. Kixeye is nothing but thieves. Since the last raid started up until this morning I spent in the neighborhood of 1K, to get the new hull and then building 2 fleets of them. Guess what happened today? BANNED, I can no longer play the game. Screw Kixeye. Conrad, Kixeye headquarters is in San Francisco, CA. Also Conrad, got some info for you:

(415) 956-3413

433 California St Fl 11, San Francisco, CA 94104-2015

That is Kixeye phone number and mailing address

to Kevin Jensen Tampa, Florida, United States #590835

Thanks kevin for the address and phone number, Kixeye banned me last month for cheating and i have spent over 2000 on there *** game. So i know what you are going through mate thanks again.

to Kevin Jensen Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States #1267446

sadly they dont answer the phone i just tried calling because of game issues, their machine says all messages will automatically be deleted!! these muthafkas need to be in prison,their running a huge scam with this game ,and it sickening


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I am not mistaken,and yes i do hold a grudge. I have still not received my FB credits back from battler pirates (kixeye) and Facebook never reply to customer on any reports for hosted appps. :(

Dru Hughes of Kixeye?

Thats just blatant shilling and let thy beware of such tactics...

Kixeye thats LOW LOW LOW !!

to ***radG Brooklyn, New York, United States #611998

I know someone that plays the game and spends a lot of $$ on it and hacks at the same time . Kixeye knows he hacks but since he spends they look the other way !!!!!!

There a bunch of *** that all they care about is u spending and spending .

And then if u dont spend they eventually suspend u and dont give u any reason for it .


I think you have mistaken or hold a grudge against that game i am lvl 32 and i havent got money taken away seen almost a year of playing it. Dont hate on a game that is very legit and real.Idk what it is but it wasnt them

to Dru Hughes #617697

These sorts of comments from people like Dru appear all the time on their forums/out of house forums and are posted by Kixeye employees. 100%, not 99% but 100% of players have recieved this sort of treatment from these fraudsters calling themselves business people. Their only business and number 1 priority is to rip you off and *** around as much as possible.

to Dru Hughes #860257

dru hughes i am a lvl 32 i halted at lvl 28 so i may just go around fighting wars and making allies ive been playing for 4 years they never stole from me but they have black mailed me before. they said i ower them 70 dollars and if i dont pay they will press charges i told them to speak to my lawyer then they unsuspended my account the next day well last week i was banned and they wont do anything about it

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