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i payed for this boat stayed up all night to get it and now i am being told thisKade

Hello Michael,

Correct, you can't buy the hull after getting one shard for any shard only blueprint. That was a graphical issue that was sorted out. I will be unable to credit you for that graphical issue, as the hull will not be credited out to everyone.

You are welcome to ask for a refund from your bank if you haven't spent the gold you purchased. If you spent any of it, then that will no longer be an option of course. Once it's refunded simply tell us and we will remove the gold from your account for you, as, if you fail to have us remove it after being refunded and you go use it, it's considered fraud and your account would be flagged and then banned. So, if you get the refund make sure to tell us to remove the amount you paid for. Good luck!

Thank you,

KIXEYE Customer Support well first of all she or he cant even put this in the right spot and if u couldnt buy that boat why wasnt it posted on top of game if your mods cant do there job how can the game run right not my fault if it was a graphical issue nothing was even posted or dose she or he even know it was 30 shards but it took my money so this hole raid was a fraud you mislead people into thinking that boat u could coin it and it ran the hole time in raid and as u can see i did get it and it never gave print but the game said i got it so u tell me how it was a graphical issue and the game see it as i did get it and then wait 3 days to tell me this u tell me how a graphical issue makes your game tell the players that u got it there no way so if u want to talk fraud hang on u banned me but its ok for u to misslead people in the game and i am no dumb no graphical issue is going to tell the game u got the boat like it did so she or he trying to tell me a graphical issue controls mechanics of the game that it's feasbily impossible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kixeye Battle Pirates Video Game.

Reason of review: my time.

Monetary Loss: $500.

I didn't like: Graphical issue dont tell game mechanics how to run game.

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