Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Not resolved

My War Commander is not opening opening as My War Commander is not opening

what is the solution of this

please see that problem

its very good game so please see this problem

we spend more time to this game it is attractive

so please understand our problem.

:) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :):) :) :)

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You should have checked on there track record with some of the complaints filed against them on BBB, which they are not an accredited member and will not be because of there rating would be a F is so. Do more investigations about the games that say they are free to play, most say that but are only that way for a short period of time, before they steal your money!!1


If its such a gret game why cant you play it lmao at you and so is kixeye, they gonna take you like the sucker your are :P

to haha1 #749873

Your are? *** troll go back to school and out of your moms basement!


My suggestion to you is run like *** and never turn back to this game. All they do is look for ways to profit anymore which has pissed everyone off to the point where they cant run cause they fell to oblligated because of there years spent upgrading.

Go find a better game or even try some consoles like xbox and ps4, you only have 1 membership fee with them and it stops. When they make changes to a game they call it a sequel there , not just more upgrades :(

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #740489

I understand your frustration about the game but why are you posting on a complaints board? why not contact them directly this is NOT their board so they more then likely will NEVER see this

to notgivingit #749876

They do contact kixeye, the company dismisses the messages and never responds. I'm sure this is to warn others.

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India #740485

opening as operation timed out

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