Dear Kixeye, I am writing with request to appeal my banned Account in War Commander ( User ID 33155521 ). I would like to inform you that I find your game great.

I have a lot of fun playing this game almost everyday of my busy life. Unhappily on suspicion for break yours Terms of Use (cheating) my account is banned. I assure, that if it was supposed, was it accidental and unintended or maybe by false reports from our enemies. If you give me second chance which I believe everybody deserves it, I will show you, how great player I am.

I will report any other cheater to maintain the fairness of the game and I will never break your rules anymore and will continue to buy golds for my upgrades and repairs. Again, please give me a second chance to continue great adventure with your War Commander.

I promise that I will repay it for your Company and I will be an example of a fair, respectful and a good player model. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I SORRY IF I KNOW NOT TOLERATE BUT THIS IS ONLY MY MAIN ACCOUNT PLEASE LAST CHANCE ME SIR IM SO SAD TO MUCH :( :( :( KIXEYE Customer Support has successfully received your ticket (3815207) Thanks you in advance!

Review about: Kixeye Account.

Reason of review: Bannd my account :(.

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