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Possibly the most underhanded company I have ever had dealings with. This review is based on my experience with Battle Pirates.

Not only is the game extremely pay to win, it is also pay to complain. You must spend money to the value of $50 if you wish to receive any kind of support from this company. Meaning, if you just spent $49 on one of their products and that purchase failed, you have no recourse. No way of getting your problem resolved.

They also seem to have hidden away any other means of contacting them, meaning you are forced to buy support if you need it. I'm lucky (unlucky?) enough that I spent enough early on to avoid this, but I still find it disgusting watching others struggle with issues on the forums. Having support is only half the battle however. I have lost countless chunks of in-game currency to glitches.

Only to have support either blame me, or deny the issue ever took place. Money lost. This wouldn't be such an issue, if it weren't for the fact that it seems there is little to no pre release testing done on their updates. The game is broken week in week out and fixes are not fast in coming.

This is also one of the greediest browser game companies out there, possibly the most greedy. Entirely engineering their game to make money at every turn. Again this wouldn't be such an issue, if it weren't for the pricing structure. Kixeye VASTLY over value their items, making one single ship of a fleet of 5 cost £40 to build immediately.

You could, of course wait the 9 days for the single ship to build, but given the amped pace the game moves at, you will find your fleet all but obsolete by the time it is finished. Kixeye games are a lot like smoking. You trick yourself into thinking you are having fun, but ultimately you should never have started in the first place.

Do yourself a favour and steer well clear. An addictive game, that will ultimately leave you feeling empty (and possibly empty your bank account too)

Review about: Kixeye Battle Pirates Video Game.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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