With 200+ log-ins, hours of time and toting advertisements for the Game; after a Month of Play on Face book with the highly Advertised, Best thing since sliced bread, game App War Commander, spending over $300 in "Gold" to upgrade my game play to reach level 24 Rank, I find on Jan. 5, 2013 that there is a "Glitch" in the Face book Game App War Commander, after it takes $60.00 from my credit card and then proceeds to allow all my time, money and effort to be destroyed BY OTHER PLAYERS, MANY WITH APPARENTLY DUAL ACCOUNTS in just 12 short hours!

No credits issued AND NO WARNING IT'S NOT WORKING PROPERLY, yet Kixeye will keep taking your cash??? Just put in your credit card info. and watch most of your your time, money and effort go to waste!!!

The Face book people forward the complaint of Fraud to Kixeye who "apologize for the difficulty" and "Our Developer's are working on it"... yet make no mention of restoring my purchased and hard won resource credits, never mind the hours spent playing to achieve them.

Repeatedly losing the site, citing a "lost satellite connection", requiring you to log in again, often in Mid-battle, so that when you do finally get back into the "game" you find you've lost even more resources and Money! Then the Chat box is filled with disparaging comments of how you got your butt kicked, and are an incompetant ***, when you have no control whatsoever over the Game-play!

The Game WAR COMMANDER should be taken down from Facebook until such time as the Developers can resolve the problem and all monetary gain from players screwed by their "Developer's" incompetance restored to your Credit card for purchases made to advance in it. IT'S FRAUD! They certainly don't have a "Glitch" pilfering your Credit card and now find myself essentially screwed out of $300.00+ in purchased game-play and hours of time wiped out with only a, "The Developer's are working on it" reply!

This is not only unacceptable, it's Fraud!! They took $60 12 hours ago and have no clue when I'll see my credits while everything I've worked to build over the last 30+ days is attacked and destroyed. I intend to contact my Creditors to see what can be done to recoup my losses due to their incompetence! Stay away from the Game unless you enjoy being screwed out of your Money and Time.

Please check the Kixeye web page and you'll get a good feel for the way they feel about their customer's with the photo posted to remind you you're an a$$ for playing and paying to be ridiculed and scammed. Face book should remove the App immediately until it works properly. I smell a Civil suit if I don't get back what I paid for. I'm a disabled Veteran, essentially stuck in my home.....

I seriously doubt they'll do a darn thing to make it right??. In the mean time I intend to Promote their Fraud on Facebook so others aren't screwed out of their time, effort and money! The wonderfully & highly advertised "War Commander" App on Face book = Money Scam and a waste of time you'll never get back!

Players beware! Don't say you weren't warned.....

Monetary Loss: $300.

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games a joke made to make money and *** long term players off with thousands of gameplay bugs leave well alone


That game is a joke!!! Kixeye is money hungry and the game is a huge ***-fest...

If you spend a dime on it you're a sucker because most are using a cheat engine.. What was once a fun game has grown completely out of control...


No one made you pay 300 dollars to reach a level cause your to lazy to use skill to level up. Nothing wrong wrong with kixeye or the game, the problem is you spent money you didnt have.

to Anonymous Bowling Green, Ohio, United States #913993

This "Anonymous" comment wreaks of a Kixeye staffer reply. Nothing wrong with kixeye???

For your information, that company lacks true customer service. It is the worst online gaming site that I have experienced, thus far.

" cause your to lazy to use skill to level up." Have you played this sorry excuse for a war game? Pretty tough to "level up" when there's constant bullying by higher levels and their clans.

The game is plagued with serious, and I mean serious, cheats who have "leveled up" using cheat codes.

There are also the hacks that have dual accounts who have ruined the game. Don't get me wrong, kixeye, with their total incompetence, does not need help killing war commander.

RIP WAR COMMANDER.....now get out of Facebook, Will Harbin


wtf really they are banning for using cloned fleet but why is that me and all my friends been doing this a long time and still were not banned. i thought its legal because we`ve been smashing bases and our enemy for sure does it too but our enemy is a friend now so no reporting on either side. :(






to POLO #667886

you obviously dont play or have a cheat engine POLO

Red Bluff, California, United States #592090

dude its a free game that i have play for a long time and never spent a dime on and yeah it sucks when guys come a destroy your stuff but rebuild and move on. you chose to spend your money and thats a risk.

personally i like guys that spend money then i go in and farm your base for my gain.

lmao!!! its a WAR GAME ......

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #589771

Funny that the Frauds at :( Kixeye :( would suspend anyone since they seem to enjoy scamming consumers of their hard earned money playing their face book advertised "war game", rife with offenders who apparently have dual accounts and allow friends to band together to ruin any hope of fair play. Stay away from War Commander unless you have more money than brains. You're better off reading "My pet goat" :upset to pass your time than waste a minute, or money on that garbage "War" game.

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