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I am one of the many players banned in the recent wave of bans by Kixeye in War Commander.The bans seem to be targeting mainly high level accounts.

Why high level accounts? Because once most of their weapons are upgraded to the maximum allowed, they no longer need to pay in facebook credits to speed up the process. Kixeye demands players witha problem to contact them through their support system by sending them a ticket. However, there is only one automated response that claims there was firm evidence that the player was a cheat, without giving any detail as to what the cheat consisted of.

If you ask again, you get the same response regardless of the different questions being asked. They say that they will not divulge their investigation process for security reasons, however, what I am asking for is what I am accused of, not how they found out whatever it is they claim they did. Many players are now boycotting the game. I spoke on their forums and mentioned the boycott, and also posted pictures of the sectors in which people had gathered their platoons in the middle of the map and stopped playing.

They deleted the posts, and banned me from their forums claiming that I threatened them with a boycott. I mentioned the boycott, I did not threaten.

There is a difference.Considering everything, their unreasonable and unfair bans, their lack of respect for their consumers, their failure to respond to their consumers' concerns and complains, their continued arrogance and censorship, and persistent refusal to engage in any dialogue whatsoever, I can only conclude that Kixeye is a scam designed to relieve people of their money.


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I sent several request to ban me but they ignore my request. please ban me


It also takes them days on end to ban real cheaters after days and days of abuse and reporting that did no good I quit and their glitches are very bad I always get and still know players who lose storage upgrades platoon go missing and unless it happens to the whole game and a large amount of other players the wont do anything to help you it is so hard to get a hold of them their site hardly every works and if you contact them to much they take away the right to contact them I find this game to be nothing more than one big rip off allowing cheaters and hackers to do as they want to good fair players and doing nothing about it really unless their forced to by a cheater having to be mass reported and sometime not even then if the cheater also coins a little they can do as they want to with no respect to other players. Kixeye has taken a once good game and turned it into a greedy money pit full of hacks and cheaters and everyone now calls it upgrade commander and greedy commander.


How many of you are in the alliance AAF and are hackers. Just asking.



Message the guys from Fairplay directly through Kix forums. If you aren't unbanned by those from Fairplay team then you know what you did.

Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom #974395

I got banned 2 day kixeye said I was cheating I was a level 40 with all toons on level 16 why would I need to cheat

Santa Clara, California, United States #972953

I never used my money on this game.


Complaining about a game that was free.


Matawan, New Jersey, United States #964300

It's much easier on your psychological well being to get into a game that is not pay to win. Once you spend some time and money you get trapped in the game because you don't want to give up what you have already invested. It's a drain on your time and money for no better benefit than playing a non pay to win game.


LOL ! So *** to complain about something soooo trivial!

Lule, Norrbotten, Sweden #951557

Igot the same *** answer from kixeye (my id in warcommander 24365495) that i got "we got proof of cheating" bla bla bla but i dont got to see proof... this is sooooo weak from them //Nils

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