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I been play for this game about 2yrs n didnt use any cheat yet I get banned! Sending ticket to them they just reply that they got evidence that I use cheat but when ask to show they say confidential.

Hahahah wat a joke.without any proof just anyhow banned.maybe I not heavy coiner but this is not fair.this things happen to my frens too.kixeye I wondering when will ur game shut down.saying ppl cheat without proof. How bout u banned urself by so many glitch n unsupport server.that will be great m fair!

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Sana', Hadramawt, Yemen #761995

Your War Commander account has been suspended


If you have any questions regarding this please

go to and submit a support ticket. Make sure to give us your user ID (10654164) :cry

Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan #736370

:cry i have problem but i am not banned my lvl is 28 and my base level one building what is this i have fav i have chalinger but command center lvl how is possible kixey whta are you doing if i ma cheater then show me prof if you have not then why you do that with me

to AKbar #749882

Jesus adm Akbar do you have no life? Your the biggest fan boy of glitch eye I've ever seen!

I personally think your in bed with the company, ya know as a fluffer.. Always your answer to everything " your cryin" your the one all butt hurt if anyone has a opinion about your *** company!

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